Boat Bottom Cleaning Service

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Will Match Anyones Price          Serving the Delta, the Bay, and the Surrounding Areas        

Christopher Steinberg     (707) 693-5253     /     [email protected]


My name is Christopher Steinberg. I am originally from Philadelphia. After a term in the US Army , I decided to go to a Commercial Diving Academy.  I moved out here 2  years ago and immediately got into the underwater boat maintenance business. Now, I have my own company cleaning and maintaining the bottom of boats. My goal is keep your vessel, free of electrolysis and to keep your bottom coat from deteriorating at a rapid rate. The way I do this is by performing regular cleanings every 1, 2, or 3, months. This allows me to inspect the shaft, propeller, and  any other metals under the water line, to make sure electrolysis hasn't started to eat away at  it. I also inspect the bottom paint for areas of  paint that are missing as well as blisters and broken blisters. Once the cleaning and inspection is completed I will make sure your boat has the zincs it needs to protect it from electrolysis.

After I have cleaned and inspected your boat I will  furnish you with a detailed report of your boat below the water line.