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Customer Testimonials

 "Chris has been cleaning my boat for over a year now and does a fantastic job! I'm set up on a monthly schedule so I always know when the work is being done. He provides pictures and description on the bottom afterwards so I can feel confident on how the bottom is doing! Payment is easy, communication is fast, clear and simple! I highly recommend Chris!"

"Chris has cleaned the bottom of my boat several times and always does a great job. I am not on a regular schedule, but Chris is always very quick and responsive to my cleaning needs. He has been very reliable and professional. I recommend Chris highly to anyone needing his services."

"Chris does excellent work at a fair price. He was the first one responding to my request for quotes, and was the one that could perform the job the earliest. I have been using his services ever since. His communications with me has always been prompt & professional. I highly recommend him to anyone with boat bottom cleaning needs."

 "No one does a better job cleaning boat bottoms than Chris. I started using his service about the time he began his business. Over the years on a regular schedule he has kept my boat's bottom in excellent condition. Moreover he brings to my attention any corrective action he thinks would improve my boat's performance. I rely on Chris to keep my boat's bottom as clean as the day she was set on water, he has never let me down."

" Chris has been cleaning my boat for 3 years and has done an excellent job. Changes zincs as part of cleaning. I hauled boat out for work and bottom was spotless. Highly recommend Chris." 

"Chris has been cleaning my bottom for at least 3 or 4 years and he has always been first rate. Comes when I need him, arrives on time, does a fine job, and is friendly and his prices are reasonable. I even talked him into helping me paint my bottom several years ago and he worked his butt off. If you need bottom service you'd be hard pressed to find a better man for the job. If this is 1-10,Chris is a 10."

"Christopher thank you for your outstanding service over the last couple of years. After using two other divers with less than satisfactory results, I have been very pleased since you started working on the boat's bottom. Your services have allowed us to have continued confidence to keep the boat moving safely through the bay. I would highly recommend your service to anyone looking to improve on their current experience."  

"Chris has been cleaning the bottom of my boat for well over a year and he's always been on time, thorough, professional and helpful. Each dive is well documented in writing, his price is competitive and the payment process couldn't be easier. If attention is needed in any area he has cleaned and inspected, he notifies me immediately via phone and follows up with the written report. I highly recommend Chris for anyone needing bottom service."

"Welcome to the 21st century! Christopher is extremely professional and makes it easy to stay up-to-date with cleaning your bottom (he keeps track of it!), bills on Paypal, and leaves reports about what he saw. I've asked him to check things out and he's been super accommodating."

"Christopher does a great job, is dependable and charges a fair price. I never have to worry about my zincs or any external problems with the through hull fittings. He has been been doing work for us for two years and we are very pleased."

"Chris has been cleaning my J 100 for several years and has kept it in tiptop racing condition. When I recently hauled the boat the bottom was clean including the bottom of the keel. Chris takes very good care of my beautiful boat."

- Mike

"Chris cleans my boat bottom on a quarterly basis. We connect via text and e-mail, and payment is through PayPal. If I need to meet Chris to discuss something, he is very accessible. Chris runs a professional, quality and tech-savvy operation. I highly recommend Chris."

"Chris is crucial to our racing success. The service is first rate, the work is first rate, and with a smooth bottom, we get first place!"

"Chris has been doing the bottom of my boat for a couple years now, I am very comfortable knowing he's cleaning the bottom every other month and inspecting it for issues. My boat is 50 years old and is of wood construction, so it's important she is maintain by a highly qualified diver. I recommend Chris for all your diving needs."

"I really appreciate the great job Chris does on my sailboat. Chris always gives me a report on the condition of my bottom and zincs, replacing them when needed. Quality work at a fair price is a scarce commodity these days but I've always felt that Chris treated me squarely."

"If your boat is docked in the brackish water of the North Bay you know how fast growth on the bottom can occur. Regular bottom cleaning is essential and Chris' Cleaning Service provides a higher standard of cleaning which I have not found elsewhere. He is meticulous about growth removal in even the most difficult locations like beneath the wing keel on my Catalina 42. Schedule Chris to clean monthly and you'll not only extend the life of your bottom coat but notice increased performance when racing or cruising. If he's not cleaning your boat, you're just not getting the full bang for your buck."

"I feel very comfortable in leaving my boat in good

hands like Chris to take care of my boat. I am not there much and rely on Chris's expertise to make sure the boat is being taken care of. He is on a automatic schedule and always does a great job. He was referred to me and I would 110% recommend him to any one needing his great service."

- Girl with a boat-June Bug

"Chris has been awesome for our fleet of 12-20 boats. He has kept the growth down and zincs sorted out. Came close to loosing a sail drive but, unlike in the past with other divers, Chris made sure I heard the urgency. Was able to convey that urgency to our favorite yard. We got the yacht out of the water and sail drive taken care of in time." Thanks Chris.

"Chris does excellent job cleaning the bottom of my 41' sailboat, changing zinc and keep me update regarding the bottom paint status!!! Price is also right. I highly recommended "Boat Bottom Cleaning Service"!!! A1+++++"

"Chris has been maintaining my hull for over two years. He is diligent and reliable and reports the condition of the paint and zinc via email after every cleaning. His fee is more than fair. I highly recommend Chris over any other diving service in the area."

"I have Chris clean my boat bottom on a regular schedule. I know growth will always be at a minimum whenever I want to take the boat out. Having zincs replaced when needed is an added perk. Chris does a great job and gets the job done when he says it will be done."

"Christopher, thanks again and appreciate your underwater services. I feel that your regular scheduled cleaning will save me money in the long run. Keep up the good work on CHANTAL in South Beach Marina"

"Chris has been great. I get compliments from the yard when I haul out my boat. He is easy to communicate with. He keeps up the routine and I am glad to have him working with us and our boat."

"Chris has been cleaning the bottom of my sailboats for over 4 yrs. He has always done a excellent job at a fair price." 

" I was going out Labor Day weekend for 3-4 days sailing and anchoring out, really wanted to start it out right, but only asked Chris on Tuesday evening to fit me in by Friday. He came through, great work and well done. I appreciate how easy it went, prompt communication, simple payment."

- Craig

"Chris has been great. I get compliments from the yard when I haul out my boat. He is easy to communicate with. He keeps up the routine and I am glad to have him working with us and our boat."  

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